In an effort to minimize human and environmental risks posed by marine vessels, sea and ocean going-ships are required to maintain a variety of audits. These inspections and checks are mandated by the internationally recognized ISM and ISPS codes.

Surveyors from certified survey companies inspect ships and submit their reports to the concerned authorities.



Smart tools for single-click data capture in the required format


Real-time compliance testing per current regulations


Android and iOS mobile application


Map-based data input


One-click generation of industry-standard reports

The application draws from an exhaustive database of latest information about marine vessels and their audit and compliance requirements. Since its introduction, ShiProtect’s Inspection / Survey & Reports application has successfully completed an excess of 120 inspections with reports submitted to concerned authorities. Currently, there are compliance checks being conducted on over 70 vessels from various countries across the globe.

A different version of the solution allows ship surveyors to conduct safety surveys on board marine vessels. Surveyors can capture images and the precise location of the materials on the ship. The data can then be uploaded to a central server for real-time reports.

Checklists can include -

And many more...

Features & Functionalities

Web Application

  • The user management window allows administrators to add or edit details for users to access the application.
  • Displays a list of surveys conducted along with the relevant survey details.
  • Application imports the surveyed details, map, image and sample files from the tab/mobile device.
  • Users are able to update the details imported from the tab/mobile device.
  • Allows authorized users to view the lab results for applicable surveys.

Tab Application

  • An Android & iOS based application.
  • Equally compatible on mobile devices & tablets.
  • Eliminates the need for paper records.
  • Digital map based input of data.
  • Map-based zoom-in / zoom-out feature records the precise location of a sample during an ongoing survey.
  • Displays pinpoints on locations surveyed.
  • Easy sample entry form that accepts sample/visual no., sample category, location, description & the ability to record real-time pictorial representations of the sample taken by the surveyor.
  • Incorrect survey records can be easily edited or deleted.

01 Inventory of Hazardous Materials


An Inventory of Hazardous Materials is the ongoing documentation that records all of the potentially hazardous materials onboard a vessel. These materials may pose a risk to the health and safety of the ship's crew or to the environment. Therefore, it is important for these materials to be accurately identifi­ed and stored safely aboard a ship.

All ships larger than 500 tonnes are required to keep an updated inventory of hazardous materials. This inventory has succeeded the 'Green Passport' that was earlier adopted in 2009 under the Hong Kong International Convention. It is also a mandated requirement under the European Union Ship Recycling Regulation of 2013.

Our proposed 'Inspection & Audit Application - Inventory of Hazardous Materials Solution' can be used by surveyors on-board a ship to conduct a survey, capture data about various hazardous materials, record visual data and their exact location on the vessel. The data can then be uploaded to the central server for auditing purposes.

02 Welding
Safety Solution


MARGSOFT offers you an annual safety inspection survey solution that covers all welding equipment onboard the vessel. This data is held in a completely secure environment and the safety as well as operational conditions of gas and electric arc machinery aboard the ship is accurately monitored.

MARGSOFT's Welding Safety Solution (WSS) provides an online digital platform to support the survey process by way of a fully compatible mobile application to conduct the survey aboard a vessel & a web-based application to be used as a reporting interface.

Benefits of a Welding Safety Inspection

  • Improve the welding safety environment aboard the ship and prevent accidents on the vessel and to the crew.
  • Well maintained equipment helps increase operating efficiency.
  • Considerable financial benefits as accidents can be expensive.

Our Welding Safety Solution is specifically designed with the intent to ease the surveyor's manual workload while delivering precise survey results and reports. The application records critical information like -

  • Location of welding equipment
  • Condition of workshop
  • Electric arc welding accessories
  • Personal safety equipment
  • TIG welding equipment
  • Plasma cutting equipment
  • Condition of consumables
  • Free standing Ox/Ac cylinders with equipment
  • Gas distribution system including the outlet station, etc.

The mobile app captures high-quality images while the web application imports the images to generate comprehensive survey reports. This makes a lengthy and complex task simple and time-efficient.

An efficient system of consolidating checklists and highlighting actionable areas along with their cost implications can prove to be of great help.


03 Vessel Manager Inspection


MARGSOFT offers you a Vessel Management Inspection that is fully supported by innovative and proven systems using integrated digital solutions that covers all areas of the vessel. This data is held in a completely secure environment and the safety of the crew as well as the operational conditions of the vessel is closely monitored.

MARGSOFT's Vessel Manager Inspection provides an online digital platform via a compatible mobile application to conduct inspections on-board a vessel & a web-based application to be used as a reporting interface.

Our Vessel Inspection Solution is specifically designed with the intent to ease the surveyor's manual workload while automating the inspection process to the maximum extent possible.

Smart tools and applications are used to improve efficiency. The mobile app is able to capture high-quality images, while the web application then generates a comprehensive survey report. This makes a lengthy and complex task simple and time-efficient.