MARGSOFT Technologies has developed custom solutions designed specifically to address the needs of the government sector. These solutions draw from MARGSOFT’s extensive experience of working with state and central government departments over the past years.

eAdministration is an innovative solution for complete office automation focusing on governmental workloads and processes. This ambitious project aims to improve productivity, enhance quality, assist with effective resource management and better turnaround time and increase transparency by replacing outdated manual processes with an electronic file management system, among others.

It is designed to be secure and confidential so that routine tasks can be safely automated. MARGSOFT Technologies’ eAdministration has the following components -

Success Stories

Currently operational in the following departments:

Labour Department, Government of Uttar-Pradesh – India,

Agriculture Department, GoUP, India.

Dairy Development Department, GoUP, India.

Pradeshik Co-Operative Federation Limited.

Pradeshik Cooperative Dairy Federation (PCDF), GoUP, India.

Department of Additional Sources of Energy, GoUP, India.

Directorate of Local Bodies, GoUP, India.

Uttar Pradesh Council of Sugarcane Research.

Fisheries Department, Uttar Pradesh, India.

More than 100 ULB (Urban Local Bodies) .

Uttar Pradesh Khadi & Village Industries Board, GoUP, India.