A ready-to-use solution designed to complement your current work processes

Turnkey solutions are those that can be easily deployed into a current business, system or process by a third-party, and should be ready for use as soon as it is installed or implemented.

With a combined experience of 20 years, MARGSOFT, and its forerunner MARG Software Solutions have an impressive track record of providing a number of such solutions to clients across the globe.

Customized & designed based on the client’s requirements, our aim is to deliver the best solutions while helping the client circumvent the hassles of re-aligning in-house resources.

Some of the turnkey IT solutions we provide include

Server Configuration

We deploy servers from lower end models right to higher end blade servers based on your system requirement. We can also assist you in selecting the appropriate server for your business.

IT Hardware

Right from laptops, desktops, Storage Area Network, Network Attached Storage, routers and switches, we have you covered. Comprehensive services and hardware AMCs and website maintenance are available as well.

Network Security Services

Our services in this field start from understanding your security needs and end with the designing of a customized network security solution for your business.

IT Management Services

We eliminate the stress of having to manage your IT support services yourself and allow you to concentrate on the more reward generating aspects of your organization.

Remote Infrastructure Management

If your business requires a 24x7 setup, we can offer a 100% remote management service that caters to your critical infrastructure requirements.

Connectivity and Data Backhaul Solutions

MARGSOFT specializes in providing Line Of Sight and Non Line Of Sight wireless data transfer options.

Disaster Recovery and Support

Data recovery from failed physical storage devices and restoring databases that have been mistakenly deleted are also services we regularly offer.

Our Key Projects