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Track the Employee Tour Status accurately with Tour Management System

Given the quantum of work to be completed across numerous regions, employees of various departments need to be on the field more frequently. These tours are a crucial part of numerous activities undertaken by different organizations. Given its importance, the maintenance of a precise report is of utmost importance.

To cate to this need, MARGSOFT’s Tour Management Solutions proves to be a useful tool that enables departments to track the status of its employees on official tour along with the relevant details.

It also provides a digital platform which can be accessed by the department and can be used to update details & inspection report of corresponding visits completed. The solution also ensures tour claims are dispersed accurately and with proper proofs.

Features & Functionalities

  • Maintenance of tour details including travel class, mode, date, and places of travel, project, etc
  • Approvals obtained as requested
  • Maintenance of tour claims per tour ID
  • Maintenance of tour type of and amounts and approval of claims
  • Claim History
  • Employee management while on tour
  • Ensure easy and quick settlements of claims
  • Optimize employee spending on tours
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