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A solution aimed to preserve & increase the longevity of a department’s important documents.

Digitization refers to the process of converting manually written information or data to a digital format. Digital conversion of information stored in physical devices including microfilms, seismic sections, photographs, books, banners, etc ensures that the recorded content is secure and maintained for an extended period.

The main benefit of digitizing documents so to make them vastly more shareable and accessible. Digital technology helps achieve an organization’s goals like highlighting particular aspects of local history or reaching a wider national or international audience.

Digitizing books and documents also help provide an incentive to improve the quality and completeness of documentation. This is especially important if the records are to be made public. It also enhances preservation and conservation strategies as the need to handle the originals can be minimized after digital copies have been created.

Under MARGSOFT Technologies’ Service Book Digitization solution service book shall consist of every HR-related detail of an employee including dates of joining, promotion, remuneration increment, benefits, resignation, etc and can be digitized & preserved for a long-term & hassle-free access for future reference.

Features & Functionalities

  • Preservation of critical official records
  • Efficient information searching capability
  • Proper and secure access to official records
  • Assurance that documents are safe and secure with quick recall
  • Green and & hassle-free storage
  • Central repository
  • Scam proof & pro-investigation