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End-to-end solution for efficient monitoring of Schemes at all levels

The Central and State Government runs various beneficiary schemes for citizens via the different government organizations. These schemes are aimed at public welfare. Monitoring the status of these schemes alongside keeping a track of each scheme’s progress is a complex yet mandatory task for each concerned department.

MARGSOFT’s Scheme Monitoring System intends to provide departments with the solution to ease this task. The sole purpose of the solution is to provide greater transparency and accountability to social sector monitoring which was non-existent so far.

With the Scheme Monitoring System, the task of monitoring each scheme’s ongoing status is rendered more reliable and will also lead to the effective use of allocated funds.

It enables the State Government to get information about various schemes that can prove helpful in further planning and implementation of different welfare schemes.

Features & Functionalities

  • A robust IT-based system for the schemes launched.
  • An effective tool for tracking funds released against specific schemes
  • Optimum utilization of government funds
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