Smart Wages and Process Tracker (SWAPT)

A perfect solution for industries where products go through various stages during the manufacturing process. With SWAPT, the manual task of maintaining a workers' activity ledger is eliminated. SWAPT incorporates productivity of each contractor and enables companies to pay out accurate wages.

With the establishment of new industries and the recruitment of mass labor for product manufacturing, a need for a quick, accurate and scalable solution for productivity and payroll has also grown in demand.

As most manufacturing organizations generate salaries of their workforce as per daily productivity, an accurate log of completed work done is absolutely essential. Manual recording is not only time intensive, but may also contain human errors.

With the aim of avoiding these obstacles, MARGSOFT has developed SWAPT to be a digitized workflow and process tracker. SWAPT is a complete process and payroll solution for the manufacturing sector. The goal is to make the job of manually monitoring a contractor’s daily work easy and accurate.



The sheer number of manpower involved in the manufacturing industry.

Wage Calculation

The tediousness and possible inaccuracies in manual wage calculation for such a large workforce.

Monitoring & Management

Complex process and excessive management overhead.

Solution, Features & Components

MARGSOFT Technologies’ SWAPT platform eases the task of disbursing daily wages and completely automates the process of tracking daily productivity. This solution is a perfect way to keep track of any item from the production to the delivery stage. The information is available in real-time to the management and provides a clear understanding of the exact location of the item in the manufacturing stage.

By implementing SWAPT, manufacturers would not only be able to establish their process as a perfectly functional system, but would also allow interested parties to get a clear view of the entire manufacturing process.

Key Features

  • Real-time information available for each item or product.
  • Accurate evaluation of a worker’s wages.
  • Missed, rejected or un-scanned items can be easily traced.
  • MIS report depicts the monthly productivity of an individual contractor.
  • Section & date wise report of a contractor’s due wages.
  • Product progress report based on orders received.
  • Product wages calculated per order received.
  • Dedicated Section Masters for different processes during the production stage.
  • Real-time information regarding the product being manufactured.
  • Product wise wages & section mapping.
  • Import utilities that can fetch data through existing solutions or ERP applications.
  • Timely database backup.


SWAPT covers the following aspects to help resolve any outstanding issues and present the management with clear information for further analysis -

  • Hardware for SWAPT

  • Thermal Printer

  • Barcode Reader

  • A personalized smart card for each worker displaying name, department, employee ID, photograph & barcode.

  • Software for SWAPT

  • LAN setup


  • Real-time information for each item and product.
  • Easy tracking for every missed or rejected consignment
  • No line of sight required for reading the Barcode.
  • Digital track record prepared of the entire workflow.
  • Easy monitoring of the daily productivity of the contractors.
  • Accurate wages calculation and payment for employees based on their monthly productivity.
  • An overall simple working process at a reducing operational cost.

Success Stories

MARGSOFT Technologies’ SWAPT solution has been successfully implemented for the last 5 years in prestigious manufacturing industries in the state of Uttar Pradesh - PN International aka KARAM & Viraj Syntex Pvt. Ltd.

SWAPT has proven to be a critical tool for manufacturing organizations when it comes to monitoring & managing a hassle-free manufacturing process. SWAPT has also been an essential cog in maintaining an accurate track-record of the raw materials used in the manufacturing process. It incorporates each activity performed by contractors and enables organizations to accurately pay applicable wages to each contractor as they are due.


PN International aka KARAM