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At MARGSOFT we offer a professional and objective approach to effectively managing project related obstacles and risks. Our established methodologies and concepts can be applied to a variety of projects whether they be a business transformation, IT systems initiative or a compliance requirement.

A typical project management solution at MARGSOFT can include the following components -


Define every tool, application, equipment, employee resource, etc involved in the project

Critical Success Factors

Criteria that represents the project’s success viz. deadlines, quality standard, budget, employee / customer satisfaction, etc.


Services, products or results that the project was charged to produce

Work Breakdown Structure

A lucid subdivision of the project into separate, individual tasks.


Allocate a well defined budget and ensure it is actively & efficiently managed.


Quality standards should be itemized and listed. Results of the project will be measured against this standard.


A start and end for each task involved in the completion of the project.

Human Resources Plan

Resource planning, training, performance management and related HR responsibilities.

Stakeholder List

A concise list of stakeholders that need to be consulted regularly and informed about the progress of the project.


A critical factor in determining the success of a project. A number of project related issues can be circumvented by timely & crisp communication.