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A tailor-made solution to simplify the management of wage distribution.

Payroll management and employees’ salary distribution are two of the most important & complex tasks within an organization. A large number of manhours is invested for the successful execution of this repetitive and manual task. A missed deadline or incorrect wage distribution or filing of taxes can result in hefty fines or economic loss. MARGSOFT Technologies’ Payroll and Salary Management System automates this process efficiently & with minimum errors.

Features & Functionalities

  • Development of a salary page, login-based input panel to record master data in multiple fields including head of accounts, category, department, section, bank details, employee personal details, allowances and deductions details, salary breakup, etc.
  • Development of a salary administrator page with the ability to backup & restore database
  • Generation of reports under different heads
  • Development of page for salary transactions, bonus, arrears, etc
  • Ability to search the database as required
  • Details of leave encashments
  • A dedicated software to manage gratuity payouts
  • Development of a CPF ledger with transaction calculations and resultant reports
  • Availability of a number of reports and formats as needed by a department and viewable by the employee. Some of these reports include -
  • Salary slips
  • Bill payments
  • Bank advisory notes
  • Cash advisory notes
  • Miscellaneous deductions
  • GIS/LIC deductions
  • Recovery
  • Bonus
  • Monthly GPF/CPF/EPF deductions
  • Financial year GPF/CPF/EPF deductions
  • Other fixed deductions
  • Arrears
  • DA arrears
  • Employee personal details
  • pc