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The Monthly and Daily Progress Reports include a summary and brief of an employee’s and department’s specific work or a plan’s progress status. Given the increasingly fragmented nature of work having a central and universally accessible station to monitor & analyze the progress of an employees’ assigned work is a requirement for prompt analysis.

The basic task of the MPR/DPR is to provide consolidated information and progress report for the entire region and to communicate this report to HQ. It is designed to provide various reports to analyze scheme or assignment-wise reports of a department at a glance.

The eventual aim is for the system to assist departments to easily recall information of different sections on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly frequency and assist with employee appraisals.

Key features of MARG's online reporting tools include-

  • A Login Panel with a dedicated page
  • An admin panel, that contains data as master entries.
  • Separate/Personal login credentials for the department panel, where a nodal officer or authorized person can update data as needed.
  • Ministers, higher authorities and MDs can view the report/dashboard panel using the relevant login credentials. Various reports are displayed here based on the employee and department data as indicated below

    • Corporation Wise report
    • Schemes & corporation level reports
    • Date level reports
    • Dashboard for each department
    • Miscellaneous reports as needed