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Online Examination Management

An efficient, effective up to date service that ensures examinations and the resultant reports are transparent, cost-effective, and accurate while being conducted in a fully protected, secure environment.

MARGSOFT has developed and implemented customized solutions for educational bodies in an effort to streamline their examination processes.

Our solution consists of separate, designated panels providing different information and management abilities depending on the type of user -

  • Institution's Panel
    • Exams papers stored securely in the cloud
    • Our digital solution eliminates the requirement for physical exam centers
    • Reduce the man-hours needed from faculty members
    • Registration of Institution
    • Generation of bank slip and submission of registration fee
    • Registration of students
    • Generation of bank slip and submission of student registration fee
    • Exam Management
      • Student reports with fields like name, application code, enrollment number, father's name, name of institution, admission card, etc.
    • Account management and email communication
  • District Officer's Panel
    • Verification of institution's registrations
    • Verification of student's registrations
    • Reports by examination centers, subjects, instructional details, etc.
    • Account management and email communication
  • Registrar's Panel
    • Institution management (after verification from the district officer)
    • Student management (after verification from the district officer)
    • Account management and email communication
  • Executing Agency's Panel
    • Map student's to examination centers via a robust database
    • Entry of examination results for each student
    • Option for Registrar / District Officer to verify student data
    • Generating and printing final mark sheet after verification
    • Preparation of final student report and submission to the Registrar
    • Publishing of result on the department's website once verified by the Registrar
  • Student's Panel
    • Ability to view the following personal information
      • Examination admit card
      • Examination result

Recruitment Assistance

By definition, a recruitment management system consists of a set of handy tools that assist with the management of an organization’s recruitment process.

Recruiting is a competitive task, especially for profiles that require niche technical skills. At MARGSOFT, we provide potential clients with a Recruitment Assistance program that aims to make the recruitment procedure simpler, more efficient, and less time intensive.

Our online application and recruitment assistance solution is wholly customizable and generally consists of the following modules -

The Solution’s

1. Registration of Applicant

Ability for user' s to generate bank slips capturing name of applicant, father's name, date of birth, contact number, etc.

Once the registration fee is submitted, applicant's can print an application form containing a unique applicant ID.

2. Submission of Application

Applicant's can use their unique applicant ID to submit their application on our online portal.

The application form can may include name of applicant, gender, age, position applied, location, DOB, etc.

Ability for the applicant to attach soft copies of related documentation to the application form.

Generation of a report in PDF format attesting to the successful submission of the application.

Auto-send and SMS to the applicant with a username and password once the application has been successfully submitted.

3. Operational support through a helpdesk staffed by individuals based on need.
4. Software for data verification of submitted forms and attached documents.
5. Generation and printing of interview letters.
6. Generation of attendance sheet and interview notes / feedback.
7. SMS gateway for updates and notifications.