Features & Functionalities

  • Ability to
  • Add, edit, delete & search entries
  • Add district entries
  • Specify appeal type within master details
  • Use ‘Subject Classification’ under the ‘Classification column
  • Use the ‘Court’ column to enter master court details
  • Use the ‘Department’ column for to enter department details
  • Use the ‘Personnel Appearance’ column to enter personnel appearance details
  • Use the ‘Section’ column to enter section details
  • Use the ‘Respondent’ column to enter respondent details
  • Use the Advocate’ column to enter advocate details
  • pc

    Transaction Entries

    Legal Case Details: Details of legal cases

    Legal Case Hearing: Details of legal case hearings as they proceed

    Available Reports Under this Module

    The Legal Case Detail Report provides a list of legal cases. Users have the option to select a time period, district, section, classification, appeal type, and personnel appearance to view the relevant report. Users can build their criteria with the help of various search panels like year, district, department, etc.

    Under the Legal Case Hearing Report, the complete detail of all the case hearings can be accessed.