Visual Creativity – Designing UIs for Unrivaled User Experience.

As the adage goes ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, so too, an interactive & well-designed website, brochure, or flyer, speaks volumes about a company, its products, and services.

Graphic, UI design and animation provides innovative avenues to businesses and helps fulfill an organization’s branding and marketing needs.

MARGSOFT, with an expertise of more than 20 years in the field of graphic designing & animation, can provide your organization with stunning graphic designs & a complementing mix of art, sound & animation that can help strengthen your corporate image across different communication channels.

The design and animation projects that we have completed fall under the following buckets -

Brand Identity

Visual elements that come together to act as the face of the brand.

Marketing & Advertising

Creating visual assets to capture the needs of your audience.

UI Design

Focusing on visual experience and encouraging intuitive user interaction.


Visual layouts that compliment selected artwork, text and illustrations.


Breathing life into concepts and ideas using video, art and motion graphics.

Art & Illustration

Creating artwork to present ideas, pitch a product or sell a service.