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The Ground Water Department plays a major role for the provision of drinking water to public and, therefore, it becomes important to manage data for planning resources at the block, tehsil, district, and the state level.

The department carries out block-wise investigation planning and management of various groundwater components to understand the availability and status of water conservation, harvesting, and replenishment. This goes a long way in groundwater management and long term planning.

MARG designed and developed the GWIRS after consultation with the Ground Water Department (GWD), Government of Uttar Pradesh. The idea was to digitize existing GWD related maps and development of relevant software for increased efficiency.

MARG undertook the task to completely digitize the mapping of U.P’s water and land resources. The idea was to get a comprehensive insight into the land damage index, aquifer, water resources and status of rainwater harvesting. MARG’s deployed software was expected to calculate and deliver an accurate output based on the information fed into the system.

By the completion of the project, MARG had successfully managed to -

  • Digitize information from relevant departmental blocks
  • Ensure the proper functioning of software that aggregated data from input points such as MapInfo, Rainwater Calculation, Aquifer Test, Golden Surfer, etc.
  • Achieve complete maintenance of the onsite GIS lab
  • Supply the department with the latest available hardware and manpower resources.