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A solution designed for the flawless integration of paper & electronic information tracking available at your fingertips.

With the world moving towards accepting an increased digitization of everyday tasks, administrative offices & government departments are also embracing the path towards paperless offices. This technological advancement helps departments in inhibiting obstacles like misplaced files. MARGSOFT Technologies’ File Tracking System is a step in the right direction in realizing the concept of paperless office.

A web-based application, MARGSOFT’s File Tracking System monitors the status of a variety of files and assists in easy tracking. It is an integrated package with features including diarizing of files, status updates, creation of new files, tracking the movement of files, dispatching of letters/files and ability to generate detailed records as needed. Our File Tracking System can accomplish the complete process from ‘creation of files to completion of files’.

Features & Functionalities

  • Access to a large database of documents using a standard web browser
  • A systematic management of active paper documents and files stored off-site and documents converted to digital images
  • Ability to specify a unique approach to document storage and retrieval methodology for applications
  • Ability to specify how, when, and where documents, information, and files can be retrieved
  • Identification of pending files and receipts and their bottlenecks
  • Ability to specify due dates and reminders for documents
  • Time-based reports for pending files, receipts and Cases
  • Efficient file movement & tracking
  • Complete and robust audit trail
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