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Organizing and managing large quantities of documentation via a convenient solution.

Large quantities of critical documents are regularly disseminated in government offices. A number of files frequently are misplaced or goes into a shell due to the sheer volume of documentation. The timely implementation of DMS inhibits this problem and also reduces the load of excess documents in departments.

DMS is a new and powerful solution that addresses enterprise document management and business process management. Thanks to its high-level features, users are able to define archives, document types, and profiles for document classification. A graphics and interactive tool allows users to design document processes based on groups of activities with priorities, deadlines, accompanied roles, forwarding and controlling policies.

Another stand-out feature of DMS is the ability to support document dematerialization using a module that can be applied both to fiscal and non-fiscal documents.

The interoperability of the system for managing IT protocol, integrated with digital signatures, assures the integrity and validity of the transmitted digital information, thereby providing documents with a legal value.

Features & Functionalities

  • Create, manage & archive content
  • Low risk of loss
  • Document security
  • Steady service delivery
  • Ability to share documents and folders with other users
  • Ability to conduct user discussion on documents
  • Alerts on document change
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