Document Safeguard - Single platform to manage and share documents and foster collaboration.

MARGSOFT offers an online document management solution that allows customers to organize, manage and share critical information to meet their business needs. Our DMS has inbuilt modules that foster’s collaboration, workflow management, and hierarchical approvals. Teams can now access critical documents anytime and from anywhere.

MARGSOFT’s DMS encourages organizations to switch to an automated and electronic form of document management. An on-demand solution, it helps in improving efficiency, decreases costs and promotes a greener office environment. You can be assured that your business critical documents will remain completely secure and each version of your document will be safely maintained.

Some key features include

  • Collaborate with team members on projects and documents
  • Document search and profiling listing information sources & experts
  • Notifications on content changes and related document activity
  • Multi-lingual support for efficient cross-geography cooperation
  • Document conversion between various file formats
  • Integration with other online platforms
  • Document history saved for audit purposes

Our Key Projects