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Automating attendance records - An ideal solution implemented with complete organizational transparency.

A comprehensive attendance MIS software that caters to complex HR policies of different types of organizations in a simplified and user-friendly manner with an excellent Graphical User Interface. It is supported with a fully integrated web-based application for a variety of complex and critical needs of the HR department in different input entries.

Due largely to the growing awareness about the utility of computerized aids to ease operational bottlenecks, biometric attendance recorders are designed to fulfill the complex and critical needs of the HR department in different government departments.

Fully supported by advanced MIS attendance and payroll systems, MARGSOFT Technologies provides models for different categories to incorporate specific requirements and tailor-made solutions to the client.

Features & Functionalities

  • Instant recall of attendance records for immediate use when needed
  • Accurate and dependable attendance data for reporting purposes
  • Spreadsheet view to allow for multiple modes of data representation
  • Sound inbuilt logic to cater to varied requirements associated with attendance including night shift, etc.
  • Ability to configure different parameters and standard policies including overtime, leaves etc.
  • Ability to export and download for offline calculations
  • 100% backup and restore option
  • Auto prompt when back-ups are due
  • Option for universal backup available